Wild Defense: Tropical-Flavored Tower Defense Game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

If you have the latest iPhone 4S or iPad 2 Tablet PC, I urge you to try this tower defense game called Wild Defense. It’s on a 50% off sale at iTunes. You can now have this superb game for just $0.99. I know there are dime a dozen tower defense games available for the iPhone and iTouch but I’m really impressed with the gorgeous graphics and animations of Wild Defense. Just like my addiction to Plants Vs. Zombies for iPhone and iPod Touch, Wild Defense Tower Game is officially my new favorite.

Wild Defense iPhone Game App Review, Game Guide and Tips

Wild Defense Game App Can Be Downloaded via iTunes!

Activ8, the developers of Wild Defense, wisely made their game unique with its tropical settings. Instead of the usual middle age European castle siege game theme, Wild Defense is set in an exotic jungle paradise! It’s a fresh take on the genre which I’m very happy with.

The gameplay of Wild Defense requires you to protect your village from pillaging monsters. The conflict on this game is the fight between the Evil Ice Queen and the Wildman Tribe. The animals in the forests have been possessed by the Ice Queen and the survival of the Wildman Tribe rests on your hands.

This game gives you 15 different defense units you can use to save the tribe. Each unit hero has different skills and it will take time for you to analyze them all. Wild Defense also lets you buy upgrades for your troops. The first hours of playing will let you study on what troop combination and item upgrades works best in different situations.

Wild Defense offers 20 different types of raiding monsters that you must slay quickly. If you dilly-dally and commit errors in troop placement and combinations, you will lose quickly. The monsters of Wild Defense possesses excellent A.I. programming that was seen on Revolt Shooter Game App for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Tablet PC and iTouch so don’t get discouraged immediately if at first, you keep losing. There are very strong boss monster that won’t be easy to kill so you just have to very patient and shrewd.

The fluid animations of Wild Defense are pure eyecandy. Similar to Rebuild Zombie Strategy Game App, the special skill effects are just stunning. There are 34 levels to be conquered on Wild Defense. Each new level offers higher difficulty settings. Lastly, your victory won’t be complete on Wild Defense if you don’t win all the 15 Achievements obtainable.


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