White House iPhone and iPod Touch App Free Download Allows You to Get the Inside Scoop From Washington

My favorite president in the world is not only smart but also in tune with current technology fads. Realizing the viral fame of Apple handheld devices like iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad Tablet PC, the White house has unveiled its first ever iTunes app which you can download for free! Hip, hip, hooray!

I bet Apple Inc. is ultra-pleased by this tidbit, at least they can proudly claim that even President Obama has acknowledged their supremacy in the smart phone market. It should be remembered that the first African-American president was known for his fondness for the Blackberry.

White House App for the iPhone, iPad Tablet and iPod Touch

Get in Touch with News from the White House Using the White House App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Tablet

The White House app will stream directly to your iPhone or iTouch real up-to-date news, briefings, events and live-event video coverage of President Obama and other White House officials. White house insiders are even saying that the President’s State of the Union speech will also be available to watch via live streaming!

This beats watching CNN or Fox News. Now you, iPhone user, can actually do real-time coverage of the White House wherever, whenever. I bet the news guys and white house correspondents are all gonna be buying iPhones to take advantage of this new White House app. But you can do their job too and get to steal the scoop from them.

I can imagine other guys like me now thinking of doing their own free lance white house coverage. You never know, if I stay glued 24/7 to the White House app, I might get a great trivia or embarrassing video I can sell to the major news networks! Just kidding…

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