Revolt Shooter Game App for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Tablet PC and iTouch Uses Good AI Programming

Action-oriented gamers ought to consider buying the Revolt app for the iPod Touch, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4/3GS or iPad 2/original iPad Tablet PC. It is a cheap but wonderfully-made shooting game app with great graphics and solid gameplay. The developer has dropped the asking price for Revolt to just $2.99!

Revolt Shooter Game App Review

Sample Screenshot of Revolt Shooter Game for iPod, iPhone and iPad Tablet

I like the Revolt game application because of its depth, topnotch 3D graphics and excellent enemy Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming. Just like the iPad 2 Game App Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, this game requires skills, people. You won’t find this game a cakewalk to finish. The plot of Revolt is set in the future where mankind was almost wiped out by a nasty virus. To worsen the situation, rampaging machines or robots have risen to dominate planet Earth and they are hunting down and killing the few human survivors.

You will play as the hero, Guy, a resistance fighter. Your mission is to infiltrate into the robot’s territory. Do sabotage missions, kill lots of robots and fend off total annihilation of the human race. Revolt gives your hero 15 powerful weapons to use in tearing out the metal bodies of these murdering machines.

Furthermore, the game allows you to buy upgrades for your armor and weapons. The higher level you achieved, the better equipment you can wield! There are 8 story levels and 20 survival maps that you must fight through in order for you to save humanity. There are 8 types of robot enemies who all have different defensive capabilities. Meaning, you will have to find out the right kind of weapon to kill a particular enemy. You will die if you use an ineffective weapon because the enemies in Revolt hits hard and fast! This is reminiscent of the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (N.O.V.A.) 3D Shooting Game designed for Palm webOS mobile phones (which we also admire and love playing, FYI).

Once you finish the single-person story line, you may still enjoy endless hours of gameplay in Revolt. Just use the Survival Mode option and you will be taken into a random map with random enemy settings! The US$3 price tag is worth every cent because of this replay ability factor.


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