New iPad 2 Game App Jeopardy! HD Now Available with Better Graphics and Exciting Features

Sony Pictures Television and Jeopardy Productions have released the new Jeopardy! HD which supports the better graphics processing power of the Apple iPad 2. This latest version now comes with several bug fixes and major improvements. It now has better HD 3D graphics and an updated 3D avatar system.

Jeopardy! HD Game App for iPad 2 Price and Download on iTunes AppStore

Think you can do better than the TV contestants? Try your quiz mettle on your iPad, buy Jeopardy! HD now.

Jeopardy! HD for iPad is selling for $6.99 at the iTunes App Market. It only requires a minimum of iOS 3.2 to run and comes in at only 41.3 MB download. Even older iPad owners should be able to run this game smoothly but it will look best if played on iPad 2.

Aside from upgrading the graphics of this game, the developers have added multiplayer support for the latest version of Jeopardy! You can now also integrate your iPod library to customize the background music of this quiz show. And true to the golden money-making principle, Jeopardy Productions is offering in-app purchase for more Jeopardy! add-on packs!

Yes, my friends, if you think your IQ level is too high for the basic version of this game, you can purchase additional more challenging quiz packs for $0.99 each. Pretty smart marketing trick by the makers of Jeopardy! HD, lots of egotistal quiz players will get hook buying more quiz packs because they think they are genius who can answer all the questions from this quiz game. I already know somebody who spent $15 for Jeopardy! HD and the quiz packs!

If you never had the chance to join America’s Favorite Quiz Show on TV, then just fulfill your fantasy of winning thousands of dollars on this excellent iPad game app. Jeopardy! HD supports Facebook integration so you can share your performance to your Facebook wall.


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