New 3D Game Engine Shiva 3D to Bring High-Quality 3D Games to Android Phones

The iPhone 3GS became such a huge hit because of its amazing 3D games. However, new android phones including Google Nexus One has been widely scorned by gamers for their inability to play real 3D games. We’re not sure if Motorola Backflip Droid Phone has the same problem. Apple fanboys have been deriding Android OS-powered phones as useless in terms of providing a good game experience. Despite having faster processor and the same graphics accelerator chips, Android phone owners lament the lack of game titles for their expensive phones.

Shiva 3D for Android Phones Promises HQ 3D Games

This deficiency however is now getting addressed by a French company called Stonetrip. They just announced that their ShiVa 3D engine is now available in beta download for the Android OS. This 3D engine is set to allow full 3D game and application development for Android Handsets. This powerful engine seeks to compete with the very popular Unity 3D which is responsible for most of the 3D games running inside iPhone and iPod Touch units.

Shiva 3D on Android Mobile Phones Will Run Faster 3D Games

Stonetrip declared that, unlike Unity Technologies which makes the Unity 3D engine, they will not discriminate against Android phones and has therefore released an Android version of its flagship ShiVa 3D engine. The company disclosed that they already licensed its technology to game developer DVide, which ported the game Crusade of Destiny to the Android platform using the ShiVa 3D engine. DVide was greatly impressed because the process only took less than an hour. This new 3D game will soon be released on the Android Market in 2 weeks time. Stonetrip engineers are proud of their engine’s unique ability to let developers make video games and applications for PC, Mac OS, iPhone, and Android platforms without the need for tedious and slow recoding.

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