NetFlix Watch Instantly Mobile App for Windows Phone 7 Series Smartphones

Netflix can now be accessed using Windows Phone 7 Series mobile phones. This feature was demonstrated by Scott Stanfield, CEO of Vertigo Software, at the Mix10 Conference. A prototype version of NetFlix Watch Instantly app for the Windows Phone 7 handsets. He is currently writing this software for NetFlix which allows support for the company’s very popular streaming Watch Instantly feature to be ported to Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system. He showed real-time streaming footages of the American drama TV show Rescue Me on his Windows Phone 7 phone. This had a profound effect on the audience. No other smart phone in the market can do this right now.

Sample Mobile Phone With Windows 7 Series OS Running Netflix Watch Instantly App

Stanfield explained that it is now possible to do real-time video streaming on future Windows Phone 7 OS gadget because NetFlix has again agreed to use Microsoft’s multimedia Silverlight technology. The online video company already worked with Microsoft last year to deliver its streaming service to Xbox 360 consoles. Apple has so far refused to add support for either Silverlight or Adobe’s Flash for their iPhone OS and this is why, in spite of the immense popularity of the iPhone, NetFlix video streaming is not yet available to it up to now. With Netflix streaming already a done deal on Windows Phone 7 platform, people will have another compelling reason to switch to Microsoft-powered smart phones.

The Watch Instantly app will be launched with new movies and TV titles on its official release. The app already works well with the Windows Phone 7 Metro user interface but it since phones are still scheduled for release this Holiday 2010, expect it to have more improvements. Both Microsoft and Netflix did not divulge any details of how much they will charge for this service.

Some of the movies demoed for this mobile app were: Caddyshack, The Big Lebowski, Chill Out Scooby and Drop Dead Fred. For TV Shows on Netflix, the highlighted ones were: Desperate Housewives, Lost, Cashmere Mafia and Rescue Me.

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