High Speed 3D Car Racing Game Free Download For Nokia Symbian S60 Smartphones

Nokia phones can now finally run a free full 3D racing game. Nokia touchscreen models like Nokia N900 powered by Maemo Linux will finally be able to test if its capacitive touch screen display is sensitive enough for fast-paced gaming. Even new phone model like Nokia N8 can download and play this free game without errors. You can download this free game for Nokia Symbian S60 smartphone handsets released by Russian publisher Herocraft at Ovi Market. The free version of this exciting High Speed 3D car racing game ready for download has enough content to fulfill any gamers delight. You won’t have to pay any dollar to appreciate this excellent racing game. There are so few developers taking time to create 3D games for the Nokia Symbian 3 OS and Symbian S60 platforms and this free car racing game is therefore heavensent to those who gets bored with their phones whose only functions are sending SMS and calling colleagues.

Screenshot of the High Speed Car Racing Game App for Nokia Symbian S60

Download and Play a High Speed Car Racing Game App for Nokia Symbian S60

High Speed 3D offers Real Street racing experience with the free version already shipping with 20 racing tracks and 9 cars to choose from. It follows a good storyline. You start out a racing career as a rookie driver and you must join and win races to increase your street cred. Each time you win a race you earn money to buy better cars. You also get to customize any car with a complex set of body and engine parts. This game features true driving physics courtesy of the APT3d game engine by the game’s developer APetrus. This engine now supports touch screen and accelerometer controls. High Speed 3D is one of the earliest game to implement these capabilities on the Symbian S60 operating system.

This game doesn’t offer multiplayer option but it does have the means to let you post your score online to compare with other players. For a free game, this is a must-get app. Even if you are not a hardcore fan of racing games, you will still have tons of fun playing this on your Nokia phones.

High Speed 3D Car Racing Game Features:

  • Stunning gameplay dynamics
  • Realistic game physics
  • Real street-racing atmosphere
  • Gripping criminal plotline
  • Plenty of racing variations
  • More then 50 gripping races in the career regime
  • Unique graphical effects
  • Personal statistics and on-line racing option
  • 20 tracks in 4 worlds
  • 9 unique cars
  • Tuning to any taste
  • All game personages are presented by real actors
  • new Touch screen support
  • new Accelerometer control

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