Download Free Dragon Dictation App for iPhone and iPod Touch via Apple App Store

If iPhone OS 4 can only provide a built-in voice app where you can dictate to your iPhone and iTouch, then there would be no need for Dragon Dictation, a free mobile app. A major turn off for the iPhone 3G and 3GS for me is its lack of QWERTY keyboard. I have a hard time typing on the onscreen keyboard for sending emails and SMS. I feel cramped when typing out email notes and text messages on it; I am forced to send very short messages. To be honest, I try to avoid sending text messages on my iPhone 3GS. When an SMS comes in and it requires prompt reply, I whip out my Blackberry or Nokia phones to reply with. It is embarrassing to admit but I have clumsy fingers when it comes to iPhone typing.

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Dictate, Search and Control Text Messaging Using a Dragon Dictation Voice App

It is a blessing to find a free app that will permit me to do longer email and text messages on the iPhone. Nuance, the maker of the number one selling Speech to text software Dragon Naturally Speaking has provided an iPhone and iPod Touch version of its program for free at iTunes store. When iPhone HD or iPhone 4G is released, we’re certain this app will be compatible.

Dragon Dictation is coded with the same Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice to text transcription engine so it is very accurate. I have tested it and found it to be 99% accurate if the background noise is negligible. I still even get over 90% accuracy if I am dictating under noisy-background environment. This is program is a boon to guys like me who are poor iPhone typists. I also believe it will be beneficial to other users too. It is proven that talking is much more efficient than typing on such small onscreen keyboard like what the iPhone or iTouch has.

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  1. Amanda sawle says:

    Can I have a free Download of Dragon Dictation app for iphone 4? thanks

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