Download Free and Play Alchemy Game App for Android: A Challenging Free Android Game App

Most free games from the Android Market are mindless time-wasters. I was therefore overjoyed to find this free but very challenging puzzle game app called Alchemy. The interface is very plain-looking but don’t let this fool you, this game will give you many hours of tricky fun. As the game title says, Alchemy is a free Android game app that will enable players to combine elements to create new elements! You can download Alchemy Game app and play it on your Android phone models like Motorola Droid X, Motorola i1 and Samsung Galaxy S i9000. The game mechanics is so simple. All you have to do is drag an element on top of another element hoping that you will create something new out of them! You start the game with 4 basic elements, earth, air, water, and fire. You can combine newly created elements with any of these 4 basic elements too.

I’m sure Chemistry students or Chemical engineers will love this free Android game. But you don’t really need to know basic Chemistry to enjoy the free Alchemy game app for Android phones. We love this free puzzle game on our Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and we’re sure you will, too. The game creator made a very naughty approach to the gameplay rather than follow strict scientific formulas. For example, combining “water” and “earth” makes “swamp”, and when you combine “swamp” with “energy” you create “life”. The challenge of the game is its unpredictability, mixing scientific elements together may even result to failure but silly combos might give surprising new elements!

Alchemy Game App for Android

Alchemy Game for Android is Free to Download and Play on Android Phone like Samsung Galaxy S i9000

The workspace of Alchemy is user-friendly too. You can clear failed elements by dragging them to the trash icon found at the bottom of the game display. You may also quickly clear out the entire workspace by tapping a button on the menu. Give your brain some serious exercise with Alchemy. Remember, the brain is just another muscle, if you don’t use it goes fat with stupidity! The current Alchemy version offers up to 200 new element combinations. I have managed to make about 81 of them today. I thought it would be a cakewalk but after 3 hours playing Alchemy, my score is pegged at 81. Can you do better?

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  1. Alchemy combinations needed says:

    can you post some alchemy combinations of elements for iphone, ipad and ipod touch? the combinations for android phones are somewhat different than those on iOS devices.

  2. Pok says:

    This game app is awesome! The version of Alchemy game app I have on my iPod Touch has 211 possible elements, and I’m seriously considering buying an android phone just to get the version with 300.

  3. clara says:

    i really want this game. i think the Alchemy game is really funny.

  4. Hasheem says:

    Please tell me if there is a version of this game app on the internet somewhere?

    • frank says:

      theres a game very similar to this called “doodle god” but its much easier and not nearly as indepth as this theres little over 100 possible elements