Bundled Apps for Apple iPad Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G Tablet PC Models

US customers can now order the Wi-fi only model of the iPad Tablet from Apple’s online shop and retail stores across America. Thos who want the Apple iPad Tablet PC Wi-Fi + 3G will have to wait for a few more days for the iPad 3G release date. iPad officially became available for sale on all Apple stores and other retail partners on April 3 this year. If you’re going to buy an iPad (Wif-Fi and with 3G models), I would like to list all the apps that are going to be pre-installed with the iPad.

Sample Game App Installed in Apple iPad Tablet PC

Photo of a Game App Pre-Installed in Apple iPad Tablet PC

First, let me tell you that the Apple iPad Tablet PC won’t be running MacOS X but rather it will be using the iPhone OS 3.2. This new tablet computer has a larger screen of 9.7 inches than the iPod Touch and all the built-in apps takes advantage of this bigger display. All of the apps will also seamlessly work in any orientation. This post, if you have observed is categorized under Mobile Phone Apps because the apps installed in Apple iPad Tablet PC are similar to those installed in mobile devices like new android phones we have previously covered in this site.

  1. Safari: the huge display means you can view the whole webpage in full 1024×768 resolution. No more small unreadable text and chopped up webpages. Navigating the web is most intuitive since you will be using your fingers. Scroll up and down a webpage by flicking your fingers. You can also pinch to zoom in or out. Safari also features thumbnail views of the pages which lets you flips through web pages quickly.
  2. Mail: The ipad has a virtual software keyboard that is almost full-size so typing email and chatting with it will be painless. Composing and reading email messages is easily done by tapping and flicking your fingers. The iPad Mail app supports all web mail services like Yahoo, gmail, MobileMe, Hotmail and AOL.
  3. Photos: The iPad offers a new way to organize, store and share your photos. The unique software allows you to quickly classify your pictures in to albums. Again, you can use your fingers to open albums, either tap or flick to open and view albums. The iPad can also be used a digital picture frame when it is docked or charging. View smooth and pretty slideshows of your photos on a large display screen.
  4. Video: Watch HD movies in full 720p resolution without fear of stuttering or screen freeze. You can switch between full screen and widescreen mode by double-tapping. The iPad offers immersive viewing experience of movies, TV shows, and streaming videos.
  5. Youtube: This app organizes Youtube movies so you have hassle-free viewing. The Youtube app lets you tap movies and they will automatically play. If you tap while you are in landscape mode, the youtube video will instantly play in full screen resolution. Since iPad has enough processing power, watching HD videos on Youtube is going to be a real pleasure.
  6. iPod: Transfer and manage all your music files easily.
  7. iTunes: Download and buy music, tv shows and movies easily and install them on your iPad.
  8. AppStore: Apple owns the largest store with 150,000 games and softwares for sale. They are all compatible with the iPad.
  9. Maps: The iPad also serves as an interactive map for those who need guidance while travelling. The satellite images are clear and crisp. Directions can also be obtained via the integrated Google Services.
  10. Notes: this application is a great tool to jot down your daily notes and memos.
  11. Calendar: This is a requirement for those who needs precise schedule and time management.
  12. Contacts: An app to manage your business and family contacts quickly and accurately.
  13. Spotlight Search: This search engine for the iPad will search all through your files and applications. It works superfast so you don’t have to waste time seeking important documents or files.
  14. Home Screen: Everything on your iPad is easily accessible by just a few taps of your finger,
  15. Accessibility: The iPad has an embedded screen reader that helps visually-impaired people to enjoy close-captioned content.

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