Updated Skyfire 3.1.0 Mobile Web Browser for iPod Touch, iPhone 4 and iPad Tablet

Due to the recent upgrade to iOS 4.3 by Apple as well as the most recent free patch to it (iOS 4.3.1 Free Update), Skyfire Labs, Inc. has also decided to issue a new version for their Skyfire iPhone App that lets you browse the internet using your mobile device. The new Skyfire 3.1.0 is now live and it’s available to purchase for US$2.99. You can download the mobile phone browser for your iPad, iPhone and iTouch at the iTunes Market or App Store. Just type “Skyfire” in the search box and you’re on your way to getting the latest iOS web browser for a low price.

SkyFire 3.1.0 Web Browser for iPhone, iTouch and iPad Tablet Price and Release Date

Those of you who still don't know, Skyfire is a special paid browser that will let you watch Adobe Flash videos on your iPhone or iPad!

Why pay for a browser in your iPhone or iPad when there are others available for free? Well, Skyfire is the only browser I know that can play native Adobe Flash content on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Tablet PC (iOS devices)! As we already know, Apple hates Flash on their mobile products and has therefore banned it. But Skyfire Labs ingenious technique makes it possible for Skyfire users to watch Adobe Flash objects on their iPhone 4 or iPad! Flash contents will get instantly transcoded to HTML 5 by Skyfire servers before it reaches the end-user!

Anyway, the latest Skyfire 3.1.0 comes with some new improvements. Notably, it is now fully translated and usable in seven new languages: Italian, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese. This version now also supports more video streaming websites and the new Related Sites feature offers users another alternative links should they stumble upon a website that isn’t compatible with Skyfire web browser app.

Just click the new Related Sites button and Skyfire servers will generate relevant links with comparable content. This should sooth the disappointment that people will experience from visiting an incompatible web page.

Another great feature added to Skyfire 3.1.0 is the New User Agent Interface. It gives easy access to all 3 user agent options. It’s a quick toggle button to switch between browsing options, you can surf via iPhone, Desktop or iPad 2 view!

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