WinAmp for Android 1.0 Free Download: Better UI, Wi-Fi Sync, Improved Voice Command Features

Nullsoft’s official blog has announced the availability of the free WinAmp app for Android version 1.0, one of the free android apps for music lovers out there. This new version comes with a revamped User Interface (UI) design, better integration with Android’s Voice Command system and a slew of other new features.

Download Free Winamp for Android 1.0 for Android Mobile Phones

WinAmp loyalists now can extend their love for the llama to their Android phones. Nullsoft has released the final version of Winamp for Android 1.0.

WinAmp is the undisputed media player of choice for Windows desktop computers. Nullsoft’s decision to release a beta version for Android has been well-received by people. WinAmp v1.0 now comes with a better designed UI and has addressed the complaints regarding the sub-par Voice Command feature found on the Winamp beta version.

The redesigned Home Screen now features buttons for Search and Free Music which means you can now stream and save free music from the web! Nullsoft also changed the Lock Screen to mimic the much-praised Now Playing screen. You can tap on your phone screen and additional button options will pop-out. There’s now buttons for Shuffle and Repeat plus the Info button will now also include news link to articles about your favorite artists. You can now also swipe left or right to change tracks.

The addition of Wi-Fi sync enables to easily transfer songs and videos between your Android phone and computer without the need for USB cables. This version also fixes some problems and the crashing issue that Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 phone owners reported.

Winamp for Android 1.0 free download can be had from the Android Market using your mobile device. We hope to get this free app for our iPhone as well in the future. But if you’re looking for a music service for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Tablet), check out our article titled MOG Unlimited Music Streaming for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android Mobile Phones. For Blackberry phone owners, why not look into the Free Rhapsody Music Streaming App For Blackberry Phones launched by RIM in 2010? You should also check the free update or updates on these services using your phones’ apps market as we have failed to post some follow up reports on them since January of this year.

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