Download Free VMware View App for iPad Tablet to Access Your Desktop PC Remotely

VMware Inc. is extending support for the popular Apple iPad platform. The VMware View app for iPad is now available for download from iTunes. Surprisingly, unlike the paid GoToMyPC for iPad, VMware View is a free app that will let people use their iPad to remotely access and control their Windows desktop computers or laptops.

VMware View iPad App Free Download and Review

The iPad wins another convert. VMware Inc. has finally released their much-admired remote PC access software for the iPad.

It’s been almost a year that people have been clamoring for VMware to support the iPad and finally the company delivers. The VMware View for iPad is touted to be much better than GoToMyPC or LogMeIn’s Ignition and it will also run in the new iPad 2. The primary reason is that VMware’s app uses the PCoIP protocol which offers faster connection to remote computers!

The speed advantage of VMware View for iPad allows users to do real-time touch-based controls when operating a remote Windows computer. GoToMyPc and LogMeIn were heavily criticized for their apps’ noticeable latency. On the other hand, this free VMWare View app is not designed for iPod Touch 4th generation and earlier iTouch models, FYI.

VMWare View lets you securely connect your home/office Windows computer just by inputting its i.p. address on the pop-up prompt box. Login your username/password and you get instant full control of the remote machine. You can use Microsoft Word to do a memo or use PowerPoint to create a presentation. VMware View for iPad will give you touch-based navigation and also has a virtual trackpad you can use like you would on a laptop.

VMware View for iPad requires VMware View 4.6 to be installed on your client computers. This app will work over WAN, LAN, 3G or Wi-Fi connection. Get this free app for your iPad at to remotely access your desktop PC such as Xtreamer Mini Ultra PC with Nvidia ION 2 GPU or pricey laptop computers easily and best of all, for FREE!

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