NetQin Android Booster: Free App That Optimizes Android Phone Performance

NetQin, Inc. is offering a free ad-supported utility for Android phone owners. Their free Android Booster is claimed to be the best all-in-one optimization tool for any Android-powered device. NetQin Android Booster Free App is a suite of different tools that fixes important components of your phone or tablet.

NetQin Android Booster App Review and Features

This free utility will keep your Android phone in top shape! Search for Android Booster and download this optimizer.

More than just a simple Task Killer, NetQin Android Booster also functions as a Battery Saver, Memory Booster, File Manager, Settings Wizard and Network Manager. No matter how brand new your Android phone is, it is still prone to slowing down due to the inherent fault of Google Android OS programming. The native multi-tasking ability of Android makes it a battery drainer and RAM-eater which was mentioned in our Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Review article!

This is what NetQin Android Booster Free App primarily addresses. It’s also called the Android Optimizer because it’s a utility that runs in the background which automatically free any RAM of the phone. It does a real time monitoring of the Android phone and will automatically unload any unused memory that got held up by idle apps.

You can also do 1-click kill switch to multiple apps if you want but Android Booster is so efficient that you will rarely ever have idle apps running in the background once it is installed. It immediately detects and deactivates apps that go idle in 5 minutes or more. It can tell you which apps and games that consume the most battery power too!

If the phone is a mobile hotspot-capable, NetQin Android Booster’s networking monitoring tool can also help tell you who used your WiFi signal and how long they did so. This android OS free app will also optimize your 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, Cellular or Wi-Fi signal by eliminating software-native interferences.

I also like that NetQin Android Booster comes with an effective Uninstaller which helps clean up the phone’s messy storage. It also comes with a File Manager to helps organize the numerous files in SD cards and internal flash drive.

NetQin Android Booster App can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. It’s ad-supported so please do touch-press those ads once in a while so that NetQin won’t be tempted to charge money for this wonderful app!

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