Dolphin HD 5.0 Beta Mobile Browser Now Available to the Public

The third-most popular browser on the Android Market is Dolphin HD and its success has inspired the developers to release a public beta version of Dolphin HD 5.0. This was supposed to be a private beta testing only but due to numerous requests and forum begging, the developers decided to release the Beta1 to the public already!

Dolphin HD 5 Beta1 Download Link and New Features

Android phone and tablet owners should get the free Dolphin HD 5 Beta1. It's better than Opera!

Dolphin HD Mobile Web Browser is developed by freelancers and despite having almost no financial backing from big investors, this browser has shown that it is as just as good as Opera and the updated Skyfire 3.1.0 version. More than 7 million Android users are already using this free browser instead of the stock Android web browser!

Dolphin HD 5.0 is still on the works but the Beta1 public release showed the developers changed the User Interface. They changed the tab colors and added fluorescent effect to context menu. In v5.0 beta1, they already redesigned the feel of it to be more modern and efficient.

In Dolphin HD version 5.0 Beta 1, there’s also a new Speed Dial Style Tab that’s akin to Google Chrome Browser’s quick way to access your favorite and most-recently visited websites. You can also undo closed tabs on this new feature.

The Dolphin HD 5.0 Beta1 developers also listened to user requests. They reworked the bookmarks sidebar to be more efficient. It already shows Bookmarks, History, Most visited links and a quick button to access browser settings.

Based on my experience, this latest Dolphin HD 5.0 Beta1 is faster and much more stable even if I’m running other Android apps in the background!

As of May 20th 2011, the developers also released new improvements in Dolphin HD 5.0 Beta2 which can be downloaded for free at

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