EA Sports Updates NBA JAM for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Supports Local Multiplayer

I was traveling by bus last night and I almost died from envy watching a dude playing NBA JAM on his iPhone. He was 3 seats in front of me and I could no longer bear my jealousy so I politely asked him if he will let me borrow his iPhone 4 for a few minutes and he graciously said yes.

NBA JAM 1.02 for iPhone, iTouch, iPad Tablet Price, Review and Download Method

EA Sports has updated their very popular NBA JAM for iOS devices to version 1.0.2. This latest update now includes full support for local multiplayer gaming via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi!

His name was Ray and he is a vacationing Fil-American from Hawaii. He said he is just testing out the new version of NBA JAM. He told me EA Sports released version 1.02 of this game yesterday and he immediately downloaded it since NBA JAM was also on sale for only $0.99 at iTunes. Ray explained this latest version brings local multiplayer game play which he proudly demonstrated by whipping out his iPad 2 Tablet PC and giving it to his girlfriend and they played in multiplayer coop mode via Bluetooth!

Since his girlfriend wasn’t so enthusiastic with NBA JAM and preferred to play Plants Vs. Zombies, Ray gave me the iPhone 4 and we played head to head. Of course, I lost 9x but we had fun. He was really good and he had much better touch control on the iPad because it had a larger screen. He said while the iPhone 4 version of NBA JAM was cheap at $0.99, Ray bought the iPad HD version of NBA JAM for $9.99. This, along with Madden NFL video game, are his favorite games. The NBA Jam iPhone app of course is much more handy as he can take it anywhere without thinking much of space.

I loved the Big Head option of NBA JAM 1.02, it reminds me of my old days as GM of SilkRan when I used to amuse my players by doing the big head command, making the characters’ heads go giant mode while their body stays the same. It’s humorous to see a big-skulled and bleach-headed Dennis Rodman attempt a 360-degree dunk!

The gameplay of NBA JAM 1.02 is now smoother compared to the previous version. It’s still a hilarious take on NBA two-on-two contest but it was great way to spend the long hours on the bus to Manila. Ray and I spent more than 3 hours in coop and single-player mode and it was a good way to ignore the hot weather. Yeah, we took the bus without air-conditioning because every other buses or planes were fully booked due to the Lenten season.

While I loved playing the local multiplayer mode of NBA JAM which works over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, I really enjoyed playing the Campaign mode of this game. Winning campaign levels unlocked legendary players of NBA like Karl Malone, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and others! I don’t know but I wasn’t able to win enough campaign games to unlock Michael Jordan. It would have been a blast to play Jordan in his tongue-wagging dunking prime!

Take this game for a spin, download NBA JAM 1.0.2 now at iTunes. It’s selling cheap for the iPhone and iPod Touch but it’s a huge download at 262MB. This game will work with any iOS devices (iTouch, iPad and iPhone) running iOS 3.0 or higher. There are also several in-app purchases for NBA JAM.

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