Valkyrie Expansion for Galaxy on Fire 2 Release Date: iPhone Game App Gets an Add-on

Fishlabs, maker of the world’s best space sim game on the iOS platform, Galaxy on Fire 2, previewed the trailer video of the upcoming add-on, the Valkyrie Expansion. If you got bowled over by the beautiful graphics and immersive gameplay of Galaxy on Fire 2, expect another dose of pure space role playing delight on April 28 when Valkyrie can be purchased via in-app purchase. Just wait a while for the release date and you’ll be able to enjoy this game app more (if you’ll shell out some $$ for it, of course).

Valkyrie Add-on for Galaxy on Fire 2 iPod Touch App Release Date and Game Features

No, this screenshot is not from a PC or Mac game. It's from my iPad's Galaxy on Fire 2! Beautiful spaceship, gorgeous universe!

Valkyrie is the first official add-on to Galaxy on Fire 2 game app and it brings tons of new weapons, new spaceships, new equipments and new solar systems to conquer. The video trailer highlights these new features and every shot of it is from real, unedited game captured footages. Fishlabs even increased the polygon count of this game’s already-high resolution graphics to take advantage of the iPad 2’s new graphics processing power.

If you haven’t tried Galaxy on Fire 2 because its $9.99 price tags turns you off, you should at least download the free Galaxy on Fire 2 Lite version which showcases this game’s huge potential as the iOS platform’s best space combat and trading game. Try the lite version here,

The free version of Galaxy on Fire 2 lets you play and customize more than 30 types of space ships but you can only play in 2 solar systems, Aguila and Union. There are 20 solar systems in the full version but all the missions are available for you on Aguila and Union and you can purchase 9 out of 31 primary weapons and 6 out of 16 secondary weapons.

I highly recommend that after trying out the Lite version, you immediately purchase the full version of Galaxy on Fire 2. In my opinion, it’s better than the legendary Freelancer game on the PC. Fishlabs developers have definitely created the best space sim game ever created even though it was only intended to work on mobile iOS devices – iPad Tablet, iPod Touch and iPhone 4/3GS.

The gameplay of this game is very engrossing. There’s a variety of missions that will keep you addicted. You play as the epic space wanderlust Keith T. Maxwell. The universe you used to treat as a sweet playground is now dominated by ruthless aliens and you have no choice but to show them how bad ass you are. You are the universe’s most carefree bachelor before but you do know how to kick butt!

Maxwell will engage in several critical missions like escorting cargo transports. You must protect them not only from marauding aliens but from also against space pirates. You will also have to go after intergalactic criminals and you will have to rescue VIP aliens. Other missions will require you to transport very valuable goods that will attract hordes of attackers. You will also be assigned to seek and steal alien technology from faraway parts of the universe.

Valkyrie Expansion’s New Cool Features

  • A huge galaxy with over 20 solar systems and beautifully rendered planets
  • 100 unique 3D space stations and more than 30 customizable space ships
  • Unique reputation and diplomacy system
  • Story-based, mission-based and free gameplay
  • Complex trading system with over 170 different commodities of all kinds
  • High quality visuals and music, full voice acting (English) and 3D sound
  • Action Freeze™: 3D screenshot tool to save screenshots from any perspective and upload them to Facebook™
  • Game Centre and OpenFeint integration of leader boards, achievements and saved games
  • High resolution support for retina display

Play the Valkyrie Expansion designed for the Galaxy Fire 2 and experience a whole new excitement in video games!


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