Angry Birds Rio Download Now Available for HP Pre 3 webOS Devices

Die-hard Palm Pre 2 users should be elated to hear that the planet’s most popular mobile game is now available for them too. Angry Birds Rio is now live and ready to download from HP’s webOS app market. You can get this game for a low price – only $1.99 – and it’s available already since April 9 along with the Cronk Game App, for you info.

Angry Birds Rio Palm Pre WebOS Price and Release Date on HP WebOS AppStore

HP Palm webOS smartphones finally gets a taste of the very addictive Angry Birds experience.

Angry Birds Rio is compatible with Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi Plus and Palm Pre 2 that’s running at least and above. This HP Pre 3 webOS version is the same game that’s now also being enjoyed by Android OS smartphone owners. It has 60 new levels and as per HP’s promise, it will get regular updates and more levels.

This new version of Angry Birds will require you to do some commando rescue mission. The original lovable Angry Birds got captured and they got shipped to the faraway land of Rio de Janeiro. They will manage to escape from this unfortunate imprisonment but their friends, Blu and Jewel are still stuck inside the cage of their captors.

You have no choice but use your bird-catapulting skills once more to free your rare macaw friends Blue and Jewel. Angry Birds Rio offers new achievements, special hidden fruits that you must discover for power-ups and extra bonuses. There are also new boss fights. Let loose the flying fury of avian avengers against your evil enemies. Fire in the hole, kaboom!

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