Download Free Opera Mini 5.1.1 Mobile Web Browser Update for Android Mobile Phones

We do love the Opera 10.63 web browser for desktop PC despite its weaknesses and random problems in loading sites with Youtube videos. The same can be said with its mobile counterpart, Opera Mini 5.1, a free mobile web browser that you can download from the Android Market.

Opera Mini 5.1.1 Mobile Web Browser Free Download

Opera Mini for Android Phones Has Just Been Updated!

In our daily use of Opera Mini 5.1, we have discovered that there were some issues in opening some webpages. Some open in full screen view and does not load javascripts, hence, no objects can be seen on some pages with javascripts loading.

Also, the formatting of webpages are not correct. At least that was our experience. We love Opera Mini 5.1 nonetheless. And we love it even more when its makers updated it to 5.1.1, it’s latest version. Inspite of these errors and problems, we use it more frequently than the default mobile web browser in our Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and Samsung Galaxy S i9000. These two Android phones have large screen displays and they mobile web browser just makes a lot of websites look better.

However, for smaller phone models with smaller screens, i.e., Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503, the screen doesn’t look that good. And that’s just our evaluation.

The sad thing about the new Opera Mini 5.1.1 and its predecessor is its inability to connect to the internet via SOCKS connection. The only way to connect to the internet is via the HTTP connection, either using Wi-fi or GPRS/3G. If you will setup the connection settings in the Advanced Menu to HTTP, then you won’t encounter this problem so we suggest you check your setting now.

You can avail of the Opera Mini 5.1.1 free download now in case you haven’t updated your apps yet. This version we’re talking about here is for Android. The Opera Mini 5.1.1 app for Nokia S60, iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad Tablet have no available updates as of this writing.

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