Download Free Rhapsody Music Streaming App For Blackberry Phones (Now in Open Beta)

Streaming music app Rhapsody is doing good business on the iOS and Android Market. Blackberry owners can now also enjoy this paid service for free now that the open beta release is available for download. This service is a competitor of MOG Unlimited Music Streaming Service, an app designed for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices.

Free Rhapsody Music App for BlackBerry Open Beta

BlackBerry may now enjoy the free beta release of Rhapsody App

The Rhapsody streaming music service is a great alternative to listen to your favorite musicians. The fee is pretty standard, it’s $10/month. Once you sign up for a subscription, you can create custom playlists.

There more than 10 million songs in the library of Rhapsody app and you can stream them all to your BlackBerry phones like Blackberry Curve 9300 3G or the newer model Blackberry Style 9670 over WiFi or 3G connection. There’s also a useful auto playlist creation within Rhapsody.

You can create various customized playlists based on your favorite artists or music genre selection. Rhapsody will also allow you to download a song you like to your phone. Price per song download will be from $0.69 to $ 1.29.

Since this is just the open beta phase, you may still enjoy Rhapsody on your BlackBerry for free. Download it now, fire up your BlackBerry’s browser to and get this app. And yeah, the free beta release is only for US residents!

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