CoPilot Live 8 GPS Navigation Software App for Android Phone Review

There are many GPS navigations apps available at the Android Market. These paid and free versions of these GPS navigation softwares however are reliant on network connection. No signal, no GPS. And that’s where the problem really starts when a GPS navigation software application is extremely important in your Android phones.

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A cheap offline GPS Navigation app is now available at the Android Market

Now ALK Technologies released their CoPilot Live 8 for Android and it becomes a real attractive buy because it comes with built-in US maps! For only $4.99, you will own a Copilot 8 including the GPS map of the United States! The maps will certainly look very good on Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and Samsung Galaxy S i9000 because these two Android phones have very large and clear screen displays.

Once you buy Copilot you also get the maps installed unto your GPS-enabled Android handset. This is very useful especially if you go to rural areas where there is no cellphone signal. It’s not a free app like the Free Nokia GPS Navigation Software but it’s a lot better when you travel a lot and need directions.

With Copilot 8 installed in your phone, the built-in maps will still let you navigate accurately even if you don’t have any internet or data connection. The app has voice turn-by-turn driving directions so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. My review of the CoPilot Live 8 GPS Navigation App for Android handsets? Two thumbs up! This app can even offer a little bit more than what TomTom ONE 125 GPS can to its customers in this respect.

This software also can do predictive address matching and has a huge Point of Interest database with millions of entries like gas stations, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions. The new version 8 ships with ClearTurn, a new graphical display showing realistic depiction of lane indicators and arrows.

When you pay $4.99 for this app, you also get a 14-day trial for real time traffic report service. If you want to subscribe, you only need to pay another $9.99 for 1 year of traffic report updates and notifications. For me, CoPilot Live 8 GPS Navigation Software for Android is more practical to have than Garmin Nuvi 850 4.3-inch Portable GPS Navigator or the Omnitech 16878 US Portable GPS With Text to Speech device. It’s much cheaper to have and offers something these GPS devices don’t (at the moment).

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