MobiOne Milestone 8 Visual Tool for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre Apps Development

I used to be a web designer but I quit around 8 years ago after the proliferation of cheap website templates. There wasn’t enough monetary reward anymore in that line of work. Well, at least that was my case. I’m not saying though that you can’t make money developing mobile apps and web apps for mobile phones. You can, with a lot of patience and the proper tools.

MobiOne MileStone 8: Free Visual IDE Apps Development Tool

If you want to make money creating mobile web apps for the iPhone and Palm Pre, try MobiOne!

With respect to the right tools in apps development, I just stumbled upon MobiOne Milestone 8, a cool visual design tool for creating rich web applications for the iPhone and Palm Pre platforms. This gorgeous mobile web emulator and IDE is tempting to try web designing again.

I do not know anything about Apple-based web apps creation that is why I like MobiOne because it has the best emulator for iPhone on the Windows PC platform. I know there are now more than 5 billion phones in the world so there’s a big money potential for mobile web designers!

Writing for blogs gives me decent income but hey maybe with the help of MobiOne Milestone 8, I can again gain some more dollars by creating web apps for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre. HP now owns Palm, there’s a bright future for webOS devices too especially now that they have released the new Palm Pre 2 powered by the equally new Palm webOS 2.0.

MobiOne Milestone 8 is simply the best emulator for the iPhone and Palm Pre today. The new version includes drag-n-drap mobile website design. It automatically creates HTML codes, and it even comes with convenient editable mobile website templates.

The mobile web designer of MobiOne provides full support for multi-touch and gesture operations. It is perfectly compatible with iOS 3.0 or higher. It works with HTML5, geolocation, local storage and application caching.

If you are script monkey, you can even create true iPhone or Palm Pre applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS like what webOS developers do. Don’t worry, MobiOne can output a perfect iOS app from your JavaScript, HTML and CSS code so you can sell it at the iTunes App Store.

Alas, I have forgotten my CSS and JavaScript training. I will only be using MobiOne to create mobile website designs! You can get this wonderful software from

This version only works for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It’s rather huge at 135 MB file size but its free until November 1, 2010! After that, the developer might charge something for his labor in developing the software.

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