Kik Messenger Reviews: Kik Messenger App User Reviews

Free cross-platform messenger apps are huge hits online. These free apps are frequently downloaded because you don’t have to pay just to have these mobile phones apps. Some prefer the plain text messenger application while others want an ultimate package that can send not only text but are also capable of sending videos, music files and picture messages.

Kik Messenger Review, Kik Messenger App Reviews

There were mixed user reviews for this cross-platform messenger.

For those who want the plain one, they may download the Kik Messenger App for Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices (iPhone and iPod Touch). Kik Messenger App Free Download for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry is now available directly on your smartphone.

Since Kik Messenger App was released, it received mixed user reviews. The reviews and comments differ in every mobile OS. On the iPhone, Kik Messenger reviews were mostly positive saying it is close to simplicity of BlackBerry Messenger with a few suggestions regarding avatars and status updates. One Kik Messenger review said it was very fast on the iPhone.

Kik Messenger reviews on the Android OS and BlackBerry gave the opposite face. We observed on our Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 android phone that it consumes more battery than other apps. It is also a bit laggy and cannot be deleted on the apps menu. Kik Messenger review on our BlackBerry Bold 9700 is that anyone who knows your name including possible stalkers can contact you anytime and you can’t block them.

Kik Messenger Review Bottomline: The version 2.2.1 app is fast and great on the iPhone and iPod Touch while the version 2.0.2 for BlackBerry and 2.0.1 for Android are slow. However, Kik Messenger’s plain design and function is generally good but not that great yet. Hope to see improvements in the next update.

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