Skyfire iPhone App: Download Skyfire 2.0 Web Browser App for iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple’s iOS mobile devices will never support Adobe Flash. According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, all iOS devices will not offer the Adobe Flash Player 10.1, not in even in the near future. This adamant statement means flash-based websites can’t be enjoyed on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Tablet.

Skyfire iPhone App Download, Price, Review and Features

This is the new iPhone web browser app that plays flash videos on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

However, Apple tried to remedy this by offering a web browser iPhone app that plays flash – the Skyfire Web Browser application. Skyfire iPhone App download was released on November 03, 2010. The release of Skyfire iPhone App is Apple’s response to the criticisms of not supporting the Adobe Flash. With Skyfire iPhone App version 2.0, you can play flash-videos on your iPhone and iPod Touch but not on the iPad.

The Skyfire iPhone App download costs $2.99. Download Skyfire iPhone App if you want to enjoy websites with flash-videos that does not have HTML 5 versions. Sounds great but most user reviews say it does not work with many flash-videos, only certain ones.

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