Valkyrie Sky: Best and Most Unique MMORPG Raises Maximum Level Cap

If you haven’t heard about Valkyrie Sky, you are missing 2010’s best and most unique MMORPG. This online RPG is an arcade-style game that recalls our old love for shoot-em-up arcade games back in the 1980s. Just like a regular MMORPG, you will need to choose and create a class to level up. What makes Valkyrie Sky exotic is that its gameplay is akin to playing older video games like Galaga or Twinbee. You fly and fight in the sky slaying monsters! Good eye-hand coordination is required to fight efficiently. This game requires skill so it is just not another boring grindfest. This is not your typical boring hack-en-slash RPG, you will be grinding all the time while flying and dodging enemy attacks. This game is the best evolution of Galaga IMHO.

Valkyrie Sky MMORPG Sample Screenshot

The Korean developer Yolim Communication is banking on making lots of money on their new Valkyrie Sky because of this distinctive ‘flying arcade-style.’ I am in my mid-30s and I still fondly remember my old arcade days of shoot-em-ups! Kindly watch the videos below to grasp what I am blabbing about.

Sample Valkyrie Sky Gameplay Video:

Now for 2010, the English version of Valkerie Sky is in beta stage for the American market. GameKiss won the rights to operate the franchise and after a successful Closed-Beta last December, GameKiss is rewarding Valkyrie Sky beta testers by increasing Level Cap limit from level 20 to level 40.

Players also gets access to 6 new regions namely: Fresei, Sessrumnir, Hvergelmir, Logabrid, Noatun and Eljudnir. Each of this new region is evenly distributed over Valkyrie Sky’s world map or should I say, sky map. Furthermore, GameKiss introduced new items for purchase at their Item Mall. Notable of them are resurrection stones, storage boxes and costume clothes that will enable players to customize the looks of their characters.

Valkyrie Sky is going to carve-out its own niche in the American market. I am sure there are others like me who enjoy space shooter games. Valkyrie Sky is free to play so go ahead and download it. Only players who want better items and faster leveling will spend money on GameKiss’ Item Mall. I am playing it now for free and it brings back sweet old memories — me and my friends used to cut classes just to play Galaga or R-type.

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