Star Trek Online MMORPG Review: Cryptic Points Price Too Much

Here’s our Star Trek Online MMORPG review with focus on the price of Cryptic points. Well, the price of Start Trek Online Cryptic points may seem cheap but they are just the tip of the iceberg. I bet Cryptic will also be selling more expensive virtual weapons or equipments for big money pretty soon. By the way, during the Closed-Beta phase of Star Trek Online, these two for sale races were free to use. Cryptic found them very popular choice so they decided to sell them now. Atari and Cryptic has so far ignored the community backlash of this act. It is just business, folks. Sign-up for $15 a month and if you got more money, you can also buy your favorite Klingon or Ferengi.

Review on Start Trek Online Cryptic Points for Sale

Start Trek Online MMORPG Now Sells Cryptic Points

I myself find this double-charging in Star Trek Online a major turn-off. I played the closed-beta of Star Trek online and because of this wicked development, I decided not to sign-up for the commercial launch. Like other players, I already know I will not be able to compete with the money-boys. Item Mall means overpowered in-game items that will favor rich players. Yes, those with a lot of money to pay for power items and other upgrades.

No matter how much time I spend on playing Star Trek Online, I will still get raped by a stupid noob with a credit card full of cash. Atari should reconsider their policy. Either they go pure subscription fee based model for Star Trek Online or go Free 2 Play with Item Mall. Look, World of Warcraft is such a cash-cow for Blizzard in spite of it being a fee-based game because they aren’t selling overpowered items. Either go free to play or go pay to play. You just lost a customer with me and I’m not the only one quitting. I am going back to Aion, good luck. I hope you last longer than Tabula Rosa.

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