How to Level Up in Champions Online MMORPG Glacier Archetype: Game Guide 2

Here’s another set of tips and game guide. In Champions Online MMORPG, you can add points to your different Stats through talents and equipments. For talents I strongly recommend you pick the ones that give +5 Dex, +5 Ego, or +5 Recovery bonuses. Don’t pick +5 Endurance or +5 Constitution anymore. This guide is for PvP fighting not tanking so you don’t really need a maxed out 300 or higher Constitution stat!

Free Tips to Level Up in Champions Online Glacier Archetyp PvP Battles

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Here is the stat configuration for my Champions Online Glacier Archetype (initially discussed in the first part of this game guide series I wrote).

167 Dexterity = 19.5% critical chance
32 Ego = 29.1% critical severity
250 Constitution = + 33% damage (too high, I have too much HP with it, 9,270!)
55 Recovery = +26% Energy Strength
135 Endurance = +24% damage (this super stat is too high also)

It’s not my ideal Killer Glacier build but it’s already doing superbly in PvP. I usually get Top 3 kill scores in Tier 4 (level 31-40) PvP maps. If there’s no Soldier or Tempest archetype in my PvP fights, I can even get #1 ranking! I would like to reduce my Constitution and Endurance soon once I get more Dexterity equipments. My objective is to have at least 250 Dexterity which gives around 30% critical chance.

So that’s the Stat configuration part, now here’s the Skill configuration plan for DPS Glacier Archetype. Follow this if you want to do better in PvP. If you wish to use another archetype, we suggest you head on our series of game tricks outlined in Champions Online Devastator Archetype. You will find there a wealth of info on how to hone your skills in handling the superhero.

Champions Online limits players to 36 Skill points for distribution so don’t waste putting them in Skill Advantages that doesn’t help in PvP fighting!

Here are the levels that you have to take note of:

  • Level 1 = Ice Shards
  • Level 1 = Ice Blast (Rank 2, Hard Frost Advantage) 4
  • Level 6 = Ice Cage (Crippling Challenge Advantage) 3
  • Level 6 = Teleport (Rank 2) 1
  • Level 8 = Invulnerability (Rank 2, Rank 3) 4
  • Level 11 = Frost Breath (Frost Bite Advantage) 2
  • Level 14 = Ice Shield (Rank 2, Frigid Air Advantage) 4
  • Level 17 = Ice Sheath (Rank 2, Rank 3) 4
  • Level 22 = Shatter (Nailed to the Ground Advantage) 2
  • Level 27 = Unbreakable (Rank 2, Better You Than Me Advantage) 4
  • Level 32 = Ice Burst (Freeze Dirtbag Advantage) 2
  • Level 35 = Acrobatics (Versatility Advantage) 2
  • Level 40 = Avalanche (Rank 2, Serrated Shards Advantage) 4

I know it should be a pleasure to buy the Ice Slide flight for a Glacier but Teleport is just the best travel power when you are doing PvP. Acrobatics with Versatility Advantage is also very good get-me-out-of-here travel power when your opponent hits you with Nailed to the Ground travel-cancelling power. Flight travel powers are not really recommended because of Fall Damage. Newbie players who pick flight as their travel power will regret it once they go to PvP and some player cancels their flight, the unfortunate newbie (which was me, BTW) will fall to the ground and suffer enormous damage!


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