How to Increase Champions Online MMORPG Glacier Archetype Damage and Earn More Bonus Points

This is the Part 3 of my Glacier Archetype Build game tips and tricks. The Champions Online Glacier Archetype is famous for being hard to kill when it does the block and ice cage combo so most PvP players in UTC Cage or King of the Hill map will try to ignore you and attack other players first. It is therefore recommended that you to take advantage of this urban legend. They will never expect you to do much damage but the almost 20% critical chance with 167 Dexterity gave my Glacier a significant damage boost. 1 of every 5 Ice Blast will crit!

MMORPG Glacier Archetype Game Tips, Tricks on Increased Damage

Champions Online Glacier Archetype Simple Tips to Earn More Bonus Points

The MMORPG game trick is to tap-spam Ice Blast with Hard Frost. The combo to quickly kill the target is to hit him with:

  1. Froze Breath which gives 100% chance to chill
  2. Tap-spam Ice Blast 3 or 5 times
  3. Ice Cage to disable his block and root him
  4. Shatter to cancel his travel power
  5. Ice Burst to paralyze him for 10 seconds with the Freeze, Dirtbag advantage

Once paralyzed, activate your Ice Sheath buff and cast Avalanche to finish him off! Only Behemoth or Savage Archetypes with their high HP can survive this combo. But others like the Devastator Archetype, Soldiers, Infernos, Blades, and other squishy Archetypes will not.

At Level 40, my Glacier Archetype’s Ice Blast can almost equal the DPS of a Soldier’s Assault Rifle Skill. It does 220 basic damage+ around 200 Hard frost bonus damage to Chilled targets but when it crits the basic damage goes to 300. This 500 damage per 0.5 second is deadly! So its 1,000 Damage Per Second. Furthermore, that’s without the Ice Sheath Buff, when I have it, my Ice Blast attack will do 300 and crit hits will do 400 or higher damage!

Archetypes who don’t have slotted defensive buffs will suffer the full 1,000 damage per second attack from my Glacier. Only Behemoths with their Defiance buff and other Glaciers with Invulnerability will mitigate my damage to around 300-400. Squishy archetypes will die in 30 seconds or less against this DPS Glacier build! Since Ice Blast and Avalanche’s attacks hits every 0.5 second, even the tough Premium Master Archetype will not survive it because Lightning Reflexes’ dodge bonus will not work against rapid hits.

The high crit rate of this DPS Glacier build will do amazing damage when you join King of the Hill PvP map and you are with the assaulting team. Your 1,000 damage per second Ice Blast will even hit 1,500 DPS when you get the KOTH attacking team damage buff! With that amount of damage output, my Glacier can even kill freeform or Gold account players on Champions Online. Their healing skills will not be able to cope up with such a ferocious and fast-hitting attack from my Ice Blast or Avalanche. Due to the high DPS from this glacier type, players will no longer ignore you and will often make you a priority target – it’s much satisfying to finally make them respect your PvP threat! Glaciers are no longer just annoying Chill/Ice Cage fighters but are also formidable slayers.

To sum it up, this Glacier guide is a sweet revenge against those other players who berate it for its low DPS. I don’t mind sharing my build to other people. Hopefully there will be more clones of my DPS Glacier archetype so Champions Online will become Iceman Online! Right now, archetype PvP maps is ruled by Soldiers, Behemoths, Fists, Tempests and Disciples. These high DPS archetypes will soon feel the wrath of iceman the avenger!

If you want to join Unrestricted PvP and fight against Gold freeform players, I highly suggest you acquire Bloodmoon Devices like Amazing Grace which gives dodge bonus, Nimbus Force which gives Damage Shield, and Supernatural Possession which offers heal. The Glacier, like all other archetypes do not have a heal skill so if you plan to fight freeforms with their healing abilities, better bring these devices and a 6-pack of Mars Stim packs to heal yourself.

The Bloodmoon Devices can be very expensive; I bought my Nimbus Force for 250g, Supernatural Possession for 300g. The Amazing Grace is cheaper at 100g. If you target squishy freeform players, you will get easy kills. You will die more often though because most freeform players have crazy DPS too. But as long as you get score kills, you get experience and Acclaim points. Acclaim points are very desirable because you can buy awesome unique Purple equipments with it.


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