Ganking is Annoying in Aion Abyss Map PvP (Player vs Player) Game Mode

I would like to vent my frustrations on NCSoft’s deaf ears regarding the problems about Aion Player vs Player (PvP) especially in Abyss map. I am only level 30 and I am forced to quit playing this wonderful game because of the incessant ganking happening at Abyss and other Rift maps. I already stated my disdain for the apparent grindfest nature of Aion. It is very hard to level up because doing quests are not enough to reach another level. It is even more frustrating to not be able to do quests because you need to do them in open battle maps!

From level 20 and up, one must do mandatory quests that require you to go to maps via Rift teleportals. Once there, you can get ambushed by half-a-dozen level 40 bullies. I am not being a whiner here, I am just saying that NCSoft should implement a level-gap limitations on open-PvP maps. World of Warcraft MMORPG is not the best PvP-wise but at least Blizzard did the right to level categorize the battleground areas. Each full player-killing maps should have a level cap so that abusive higher-level players won’t go killing players 20 levels below them repeatedly! I have suffered much of this griefing while doing quests on Rifts. For the meantime, Aion developers should also reduce the quests that require a player to finish them behind enemy lines as long as they haven’t employed level caps on PK areas.

Aion MMORPG Review on Abyss PvP Map

Ganking of Low-level Players in Aion MMORGP is a Turn Off

There is not much fun in getting murdered a dozen times by a group of high level thugs in Abyss or Rifts. I realized that this ganking problem cannot be avoided but it should be minimized. I forgot to explain, ganking is gang-bang killing of a low-level player by a group of high-level bullies. Ganking is bad for any game because it discourages new players from continuing. The only way to minimize getting ganked while doing quests is to bring a lot of high-level friends or Legion mates. If you don’t have a Legion or loyal friends to help you, then you will be forced to quit like I was. I will only go back to playing Aion MMORPG again if NCSoft takes action on the abusive behaviors of some players. Put a level cap on important quests maps! Learn from the mistake of Rising Force Online. That game went bust because of the unrestricted player-killing! The Rising Force Online maps were all open combat areas and level 50 bullies were raping level 1 newbies! I am not paying $15 a month just to be abused by immature people. And you shouldn’t, too.

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