City of Eternals Vampire Browser-Based MMORPG: A Facebook Game App

City of Eternals MMORPG is new game horror fans might enjoy a lot. City of Eternals was created by another start-up company trying to ride on the craze for Twilight-inspired vampire games. Teens and MIL-Fs are so much in love with Robert Pattinson that a slew of casual vampire games was launched by companies hoping to cash-in on this vampire-mania. Ohai, an American independent studio just launched the Open Beta of City of Eternals. Unlike Zynga’s Vampire Wars which is text-based, City of Eternals is a full action MMORPG adventure created on Adobe Flash.

City of Eternals MMORPG: A Facebook App

City of Eternals MMORPG is an Action-Packed Facebook App

But like Vampire Wars, City of Eternals is also an application tied-up with Facebook. Ohai is hitching its game on the tail of Facebook’s rocket.

Social gaming companies who want a profitable venture have come to recognize that Facebook or MySpace are the way to go.

While not completely dependent on Facebook’s platform, you can go this game’s official website at and login with your Facebook ID.

City of Eternals is much too big and complex and needed its own separate server and website. This game however is still a Facebook app that accesses your Facebook profile and friends and will post game tidbits on your Wall.

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