Aion MMORPG Review: Aion Combo System Is the Best

Aion MMORPG delivers superior combat experience compared to other MMORPG’s. Aside from its breathtaking graphics and excellent animations, Aion developers created some spectacular skill effects and fluid animation. I am also very pleased about Aion’s chain skill combo system. Unlike Cabal’s skill combo execution, Aion’s chain skill comboing is a lot easier. Doing combos in Aion is similar to other games, you can only do a sequence of skill in a limited window of time. But Aion is a lot more convenient because this game allows you to put your favorite skills combo in one hotkey. Rather than pressing 1,2,3, you can just execute a combo by pressing 1,1,1! You still have to watch the skill cooldown timer above your head to do on-time skill combination but by pressing the same button, combo attacks in Aion are a lot easier to achieve. You can do flashy sequence of skills in one easy step!

Aion MMORPG Game Review: Game Combo is the Best

Aion MMORPG Combo Screenshot

This efficient combo implementation means you can just device your best-damaging skills in one hotkey and press repeatedly against monsters or players. It takes almost no skill in killing mobs and it can be monotonous but this 1-hotkey combo is very effective while doing player versus player fighting. You can just concentrate on dodging, jumping and kiting instead of pressing so many attack skill buttons. When I was addicted to Cabal Online, I had to practice my combo executions everyday because timing and correct skill hotkey placement are both essential. It was not easy pressing 4-6 hotkeys and timing them correctly. My combos in Cabal Online were too darn hard to execute and gets canceled quickly if I press too early or too late the succeeding hotkeys. Frenetic combo button-mashing is difficult during player versus player combats especially in group fights.

And just like Cabal, Aion gives you bonus damage for every successful chaining of skills. This is how combo systems should be implemented in other MMORPG. Players should not be burdened by too many uses of skill hotkeys. Comboing should only require correct timing!

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