Crimson Alliance Action RPG Release Date and Price on Xbox Live

The most anticipated title that gamers and industry experts alike are expecting to see at E3 2011 is Certain Affinity’s upcoming Crimson Alliance Video Game. Microsoft’s moneymaking Xbox Live Arcade is sure to get this game come September 2011. The almost-finished version of Crimson Allliance was demonstrated at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 in Los Angeles.

Crimson Alliance Release Date and Price

Microsoft is going to get exclusive rights to publish this upcoming Crimson Alliance action role-playing game that is reminiscent of Diablo 2 and Torchlilght.

If you played Torchlight or Diablo before then you already have a hint of what Crimson Alliance is all about. It’s a fast-paced action RPG that’s suitable for casual gamers on Xbox Live Arcade. Diablo III video game is still not coming out this year and Torchlight 2 may not hit commercial launch until December so if you are looking for a good old-fashioned role-playing game, Crimson Alliance is the best bet.

Hoberman is the main man behind the Age of Booty game and his Crimson Alliance team is composed of veteran game developers who worked on Halo, Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty Series. Certain Affinity’s aim for this XBLA RPG is to give Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 owners a taste of serious hack ‘n slash adventure without the tediousness of other PC RPG games.

Crimson Alliance Video Game is best played cooperatively. Yes, unlike Torchlight, this game will feature full local and online multiplayer modes. Players will have to choose between the 3 different classes of Crimson Alliance. There’s the Wizard, Mercenary and Assassin. Each of this class will have their own unique skills and abilities. Good teamwork and correct strategies will mean easier questing and better multiplayer combats!

Certain Affinity made it clear that this game will not only feature gorgeous graphics and animations but will also feature a very high-level Artificial Intelligence programming. Non-player monsters will be smart enough to give players a serious challenge! The game world will also affect gameplay, players will be able to hide behind rocks or use high ground to snipe around. They can even launch rocks, tables, chairs against enemies!

What do you think? Will Crimson Alliance be this year’s surprise indie hit? Torchlight sold gazillion of copies last year when it first launched despite being done by an indie studio. That game made me waste more than 2 months of my life in 2010! I hope Crimson Alliance will also offer the same level of addiction!

Crimson Alliance release date will be on September 07, 2011 through Xbox Live for 1200 MS Points or about $15. Buy all five Summer of Arcade titles and get this video game for FREE.

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