Free To Play MMO Shooter Project Blackout Launched

Those of you who can’t afford Call of Duty: Black Ops may want to consider trying out the new free-to-play online FPS from SG Interactive. Project Blackout has started commercial operation on January 13 after a month-long open beta period. Sign-up here,

SG Interactive Project Blackout Release Date

Care to do some free-to-play serious fraggin'? Try Project Blackout!

Project Blackout MMO is a fast-paced FPS set in modern urban settings of the war torn country of Korogese. You can choose between the paramilitary faction or the militia group. If you ever played War Rock or Cross Fire before, this game will be familiar. Same skills-based scenario of tactical shooting! One mistake, you get pawned with a headshot or a knife backstab!

The only most obvious advantage of Project Blackout is that it features customized weapon and armor sets. On this game, it’s possible to wield dual Desert Eagle pistols, dual knife weapons, assault rifles with laserlights, and there’s even a nasty-looking kukri sword!

Project Blackout’s gameplay rewards players who player more hours since it’s a lobby-based competition. You need to join lots of matches to earn experience points so you can Rank and get tougher in combat. You can also do Mission Cards and improve your Rank through the Advanced Combat Training system.

Some of the game scenarios for Project Blackout are Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Sabotage, and Demolition. This game features fully-destructible game world, you can blow vehicles, buildings and other in-game environment items. The graphics aren’t as good as COD: Black Ops but remember, this is an MMO where there is no auto-aim. Gameplay is all about skills, not graphics!

SG Interactive is doing a special Facebook promo for new players. Just go and Like the Facebook Fan Page for Project Blackout and you will be rewarded with a special in-game item. Go visit

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