Windows Phone 7 to Support Adobe Flash Player for New Mobile Phones

During the Mobile World Congress debut of Windows Phone 7 Series OS, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer hinted that Windows Phone 7 Series mobile phones relies heavily on Microsoft Silverlight runtime. He said the initial launch of their new mobile operating system will not ship with Adobe Flash Player but say future version of Windows Phone 7 Series mobile phones will include Adobe Flash support.

Adobe Flash Player for Windows Phone 7 Series OS

Adobe Flash Player to be Supported by Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series Operating System

However, Mike Chambers, principal Product Manager for developer relations for the Flash Platform at Adobe Inc., made an announcement today on his blog regarding Flash on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series OS. Chambers wrote:

There has been a lot of buzz in the mobile space lately, and I suspect there will be even more around Windows Phone 7 at next week’s Microsoft Mix conference. One thing I wanted to clarify as it may have been lost in some of the other news is that Adobe and Microsoft are working together to bring Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Phone 7 Series.

This should settle speculations regarding the future of Adobe Flash Technology. Unlike Apple Inc., Microsoft is backing the Adobe Flash industry standard for interactive and rich media application development. The Adobe Flash player is the most pervasive software platform and is installed in 99% of all internet-enabled computers around the world. The smart phone establishment, with the exception of Apple’s iPhone, has embraced Flash as their default multimedia software player. Unfortunately, we assume that Microsoft’s new mobile phone, KIN Social Phone, may not have Adobe Flash Player installed by default because it will be powered by Windows CE operating system.

Adobe has initiated its Open Screen Project last May 1, 2008 primarily to provide consistent Flash application interface across different devices such as personal computers, mobile phones and consumer electronics. Smartphone makers Motorola, Palm and Nokia were the first to join the Open Screen Project and they contributed $10 million to the project.

Mike Chambers confirmed that Microsoft will continue its support for Adobe Flash development. As we all know, Microsoft’s Silverlight is a competing technology but has failed to gain major support. As of this moment, the Silverlight plug-in is only installed in about 20% of internet-enabled computers around the world.

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