Microsoft Offers Fat Incentives to Windows Phone 7 Apps Developers

Bill Gates and friends must be getting desperate. In my previous articles regarding the beta release of the Windows Phone 7 Development Tools, I mentioned that Microsoft is sending free Windows Phone 7 handsets to developers who signed up for their program. This giveaway is just a tip of the iceberg of Microsoft’s new strategy to attract developers to their new mobile platform. Another source has informed me that the company is also giving revenue guarantees to developers! While it is not an outright cash bribe, this agreement is already a surefire way for app-makers to earn money whether their apps sell or not in the Windows Phone 7 MarketPlace!

Windows Phone 7 OS Sample Screenshot

Microsoft Is Making Windows Phone 7 Apps Creation a Profitable Venture for Developers

Microsoft is obviously worried that it may not catch up with Apple and Google. The future of computing is definitely going to be on the mobile sector. There are now 5 billion users of cellphones and cheaper smartphones are being made possible with the help of the free Android OS. More people are buying cellphones than traditional computers like desktop PCs and laptops. If Microsoft wants to remain relevant in the business, it has to fight aggressively. The company is betting its future on the Windows Phone 7 platform. The old dictum still holds true, software will drive hardware sales, not the other way around. Microsoft must create a strong Windows Phone 7 Apps Store to create another marketplace for current Windows phones and boost the sales of all future Windows Phone 7 smartphone models.

Apple currently leads the mobile business. Its AppStore boasts more than 200,000 apps. Google is also rising fast with its Android Market already carrying more than 60,000 apps. But Microsoft may soon catch up with them with this new incentives program for developers. I’m already sold, even if I don’t get one of the free Windows Phone 7 prototype phones – the revenue guarantee alone makes it a sweet deal creating apps for the Windows Phone 7 OS!

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