Microsoft Bing Search Engine Upgrade Features Free Entertainment-centric Expansion

Bing is again setting itself as more than just another search engine that competes with Google and Yahoo. Microsoft today rolled-out a new media-centric upgrade for it called Bing Entertainment. You can access this latest free Bing Search Engine expansion by pointing your browsers to It’s a new vertical search engine component for Bing that will focus on movies, TV shows, music, and games. Microsoft’s objective is to make it easier for people to satiate their appetite for entertainment. Less time spent on searching and more playing, that’s the new war cry behind this initiative.

Microsoft's Bing Search Engine Adds Entertainment Vertical Component

Each content section of Bing Entertainment can quickly connect searchers with the right entertainment links. Bing TV collates over 1,500 TV shows and 20,000 TV episodes from partners like Hulu, CBS, Viacom and others. Searchers can have full access to these TV episodes and they may also socialize search results via Twitter, Facebook or email to friends. As for Bing Music, searchers can preview full songs via streaming. Bing Music already boasts an incredible catalog of 5 million songs. Other than listening to streaming music, a user can also get lyrics, artist profiles, and concert or gig schedules of their favorite musicians. Bing Music will also let people do one-click purchase of songs from iTunes, Zune or Amazon.

Bing Movies meanwhile will produce visual search results for movie queries. This will include other customers’ reviews, showtime schedule, in-line movie trailers, one-click ticket purchasing and social updates from Facebook and Twitter. Bing Maps is also integrated so you can plan a fun evening out with your friends and/or relatives. Bing Games will aggregate reviews, cheats, walkthroughs for console and PC games. Bing Games will also offer more than 100 playable casual game titles right on its page so that visitors can immediately enjoy them. Better yet, these online games from Bing are integrated with Facebook so you can publish scores and invite friends to join or compete with you. I tried the Blackjack game and I lost my virtual $500 in 3 minutes! ROFL!

If the current vogue of Facebook gaming extends to Bing’s Entertainment portal, Microsoft’s search engine may close the gap with its leading competitor Google. Vertical search offers people specifically-related search results. Bing Entertainment is right on the money when it comes to people’s most favorite search topics: music, games, movies, and TV shows.

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