Windows 8 Free Download Link on Torrents (Leaked Full Version ISO)

Give me some high-five, dudes. Thanks to my torrent buddies, I am now able to share with you info on a fully functioning and almost complete early Windows 8 developers copy. This release full descriptive title is 6.1.7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508_x86fre_client-enterprise_en-us.iso and you can get the Windows 8 free dwonload torrent link for it from various sources but we have to caution you in doing so.

New Windows 8 Leaked Full Version Free Download Link (Torrents)

Fully-working Windows 8 Beta Developers Installer Screenshot

I’m downloading it now for testing purposes only. Too many leechers and very few seeders are available so the download is so very slow. It’s 2.45 GB in size so I don’t think I’ll be able to get it all today. Hopefully, more seeders will share tomorrow or the next day. If you want faster downloading of this leaked Windows 8 installer, you should have a fast internet connection because of the huge file size. They are now sharing the installer via private FTP. I read some of the posts somewhere online and some guy said they are getting almost 20Mbps download speed! I’m only getting 58 kbps speed now using free file sharing programs (Bittorrent, microTorrent for some) and other P2P softwares capable of doing the job.

But let us WARN you: If you see sites offering Windows 8 FTP downloads, DO NOT DO IT. Some of them are for advanced elite members only. Don’t bother signing up. BUY THE ORIGINAL INSTALLER! The screenshots showed Microsoft still branded this leaked Windows 8 build as Windows 7 but the anonymous leaker confirmed it’s a developers copy of Windows 8. Microsoft is always known to use old software names on their beta products which they let a few people test-run. I bet this guy is a trusted Microsoft Windows Developer Beta Tester who doesn’t mind sharing his goodies.

I hope Microsoft doesn’t start issuing cease-and-desist order to websites sharing this Windows 8 leak but just in case, better test it now before all those file sharing websites are shutdown! Again as advocates of propriety, we advise that you buy the original and licensed copy of Windows 8. The free Microsoft automatic updates are good and Microsoft will be able to determine if you have a fake Windows operating system installed in your laptop or desktop. This will create problems in the long run so buy the LICENSED COPY.


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