WalMart Acquires Online Video Company Vudu

The world’s biggest corporation, WalMart, has recently notified news agencies that it has completed the purchase of Vudu. Walmart had $404.16 billion sales for 2009 and made a net profit of $13.59 billion but it seems the retailing giants want more money. It currently sells the most amounts of television sets and DVD players through its thousands of retail stores worldwide. Experts are not surprised Walmart made this move. Walmart already tried to venture into the online video retailing business back in February 6, 2007 with 3,000 movies for rent and sale at Unfortunately, this service faltered and was shuttered in December of 2007. Walmart is hoping to cash in on Vudu’s technology and expertise in video streaming technology. The Vudu Box is currently fancied as the world’s best set-top box for on-demand video distribution.

Vudu Online Video Company Now Owned by Walmart

Walmart’s purchase of Vudu will put them into direct competition with NetFlix and Amazon. Remember that I also reported to you last month about Google’s decision to sell online videos to Youtube premium subscribers. Walmart is confident it can give these established online movie retailers precisely because of its huge retailing power. The Vudu Box used to be only available on Best Buy Stores and online purchase but Walmart is expecting to sell much more Vudu Box units once they make them available to all its U.S. stores.

Vudu is a media company that was responsible for pioneering peer to peer TV video streaming. This is a unique way comparable to bit torrent file distribution but instead of using computers, all the Vudu Boxes shares content to other Vudu Boxes. This technology allows for seamless video streaming. Additionally, customers can store their rented movies for up to 30 days on the hard drive of the Vudo Box which allows them repeat viewing. This feature is not available to NetFlix or Amazon which only allows for 24 or 48 hours viewing time period.

The Vudu Box is capable of connecting to standard-definition (SD), enhanced-definition, and high-definition (HD) televisions. The Vudu box connects to a television through HDMI, component, S-Video, or composite video cables. You only need a television and broadband internet connection to avail of its video streaming service. Vudu encodes its videos on MPEG 4 and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. It can deliver resolutions up true HD quality at 1080p/24fps — this is equivalent to Blu-Ray DVD resolution! Vudu currently has more than 15,000 movie titles available for rent.

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