Unusual Behavior of Firefox 3.5.1 When Handling Javascripts

After updating to Firefox 3.5.1, we have observed some rather unusual and annoying behavior of Mozilla Firefox. The 3.5.1 version does seem to have a difficulty handling some javascripts. We have seen our Firefox 3.5.1 browser go “nuts” by resizing windows unexpectedly. Even without moving anything (no mouse movement, just staring at our monitor) the window restores down or minimizes.

What’s more funny is when we looked at our screen, the windows resizes incrementally (going larger or going smaller, again without any command issued by way of a mouse click). It’s like this version has a mind of its own, we said to each other (this author and other users).

Firefox 3.5.1 Javascript ErrorIt took us 4-5 hours to find a fix for this Firefox 3.5.1 error, if we may categorize it as such. The multiple tabs opened at the time of use are the same tabs opened prior to the upgrade and this Firefox behavior really killed so much of our time. We tried almost everything until I thought of shifting to Flock (another Mozilla Firefox derivative). Flock did not show any abnormal behavior while its counterpart was not performing well. We did a trial and error and I accidentally found the solution under Options -> Enable JavaScript and clicked on Advanced.

I have unchecked the Move or Resize Existing Windows option and Firefox 3.5.1 started to behave “normally”. If you have experienced the same problem, try the solution we’ve found by accident. The latest FF version still needs some improvements. We will update you on this and give our report on its RAM and CPU usage.

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  2. Keith says:

    FF on MAC version 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 still exhibit the javascript opens tab issue even if I uncheck Move or Resize Existing Window option.

  3. Peter Shinbach says:

    I’m finding that FF 3.5 will minimize whenever it’s already maximized or in “normal” display mode and I click on a web link from another application, such as e-mail or RSS reader. And that happens in spite of all the advanced Java script options being unchecked.

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