SRWare Iron: Use the Safer Google Chrome Browser Alternative/Clone

Google’s Web browser Chrome is hailed on the net as one of the fastest browsers, having innovative features, simple and possessing a very intuitive interface. Unknown to many, Chrome also shares that same security vulnerabilities as the other browsers like Opera 10 Turbo, Firefox 3.5.4 and Internet Explorer 8, said several critics.

SRWare Iron Browser vs Google Chrome Browser

SRWare Iron Web Browser: A Google Chrome Clone?

To them, Chrome’s creation of unique user ID and the submission of entries to Google to generate suggestions either on the address bar or the search bar requires Google to provide the information and would definitely which can be recorded and kept for and the data mined forever.

Google Chrome transmits information in encoded form to Google, for example, when and where Chrome has been downloaded. Unknowingly, the user is already providing a wealth of information to Google where the collected data of millions of searches from users can be analyzed and trends can be established on a regular interval. Such power, is being sent over the net by browsers having these said functionality.

To the security conscious among us, SRWare Iron based on the  “Chromium” sourcecode has all the innovative features of Google Chrome but lack the security holes possessed by Chrome. SRWare Iron boasts that it now uses the most up-to-date Version (532.0) of Webkit and V8 (1.2.14) which is significantly faster; has an easy to use and built-in adblocker which can be configured by a single file and the User-Agent in Iron can be flexible and permanently changed by UA.ini instead of method of changing with parameters over a link or command.

Download the Windowds XP and Vista installer through this download link – Copy and paste the URL in your browser’s address bar. When a popup window appears, just click on SAVE and save the file in your desktop of download folder. Install and run the program as any other softwares in your PC.

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  1. Smudgy says:

    SRWare Iron Can’t Be Trusted – At Least Not Yet!

    They’ve developed a so called privacy oriented browser that played on the paranoia of the general public for ad revenue as their prerogative all along.

    Did you know what the developer was quoted as saying? Google is Evil and the German people don’t like Google, well cool I’m not bothered with that, that’s all cool, I don’t personally trust Google either.

    Then what else do they now do, run Google Adsense on their site and support running Google banners on their startpage site also.

    Look, you call Google evil then you are seen supporting Google, what is that telling us? I’ll tell you, one big mixed bag of messages that should make you think real hard.

    So can this developer really be trusted and should we really support SRWare Iron?

    Well one thing is certain, until this developer starts flying right and shows us some of these true colors of mistrust towards Google, then it’s looking really fishy and this is all the real truth around here about this SRWARE Iron! :(

    Go research it and see for yourself!