Safari 4 is Faster Than Firefox, Internet Explorer, Flock, Opera and Chrome

I’ve been testing the relative speed of Safari 4 (Beta version is ready for download free) and I have seen some great improvements. Safari 4 really is faster than Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome, Opera and Flock (web browsers I am using in my Lenovo G410 laptop for different purposes).

New Safari 4

New Safari 4

The new Safari 4 Beta has 150 features. Most of which are new and compliant with web 2.0 standards like CSS Effects, CSS Canvas, Speculative Loading, Acid 3 Compliance, Nitro JavaScript Engine. Safari 4 also features a powerful set of tools for developers which are too many to enumerate here. The best developer feature in Safari we love the most is the introduction of Database where the user is given the chance to access and manage offline database, which is integral in the development of newer website in the near future. Overall, we find the Safari 4 an advanced web browser ready beat. Get Safari 4 and try it yourself. It’s highly recommended by us. We do not recommend that you give up your favorite web browser (other than Safari) but if you open multiple web pages at a single time and has a high need for speed, Safari 4 is the best web browser for you.

Finally, we would like to reiterate here that safari 4 can used in your iPhone 3G phones and iPod Touch. It also runs under Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X which requires very minimal resources.

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  1. Mary Lee says:

    I don’t think so. I recently switched from Safari 4 to Flock, as you get the speed of Safari, with all the Firefox add-ons available for it and the awesome social networking tools built in. Firefox was always a sluggish burden for me, but flock flies.

  2. bappy says:

    actualy I never tried this. let me download

  3. a says:

    New Safari 4.0 uses a lot of RAM sources, >>200MB when starting the browser and sometimes it reaches >>400 when many windows are in use. Conclusion: It’s not worth it!

  4. Firefox says:

    I agree that Safari is faster than firefox but it doesnt have addons and extensions as much as firefox. I can still work better in Firefox than in Safari.