Roku HD-XR Player Features: Roku N1101 1080p HD-XR Streaming Media Player with Netflix and Wi-Fi N Range

The Roku HD-XR Player is the high-end Roku Netflix Online Streaming Device. This Roku HD-XR Player Model N1101 features extended-range wireless (Wi-Fi N “dual-band”) which makes it more expensive than the Roku SD N1050 and Roku HD N110 online streaming media players. Check out the Roku HD-XR Player’s nice features.

Roku N1101 HD-XR Streaming Media Player List of Great Features:

  • Built-in wireless and wired (Ethernet) connection
  • Extended range wireless (Wi-Fi N)
  • Easy set-up in 5 minutes
  • Plays Netflix movies and more
  • Plays DVD-quality video (standard definition)
  • Plays High Definition video
  • Features a HDMI connector
  • Optical audio output for surround sound
  • Capable of Playing 1080P HD Video via free upgrade

The Roku HD-XR Player or Roku N1101 1080p HD-XR Streaming Media Player can stream over 50,000 movies, internet TV shows, sports events, news, music, social videos/photos and more from Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Video on Demand, UFC, Roku Newscaster, Vimeo and more.

Roku N1101 HD-XR Online Streaming Media Player with Netflix and Other Channels

Roku HD-XR Player Channels: Netflix, Pandora, UFC, Amazon Video on Demand and Others

For a comparison of the Roku HD-XR Player (N1101), check out the features of the Roku N1100 HD Player.

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