Mozilla Firefox 3.1 (TraceMonkey) Release Promises Speed

Mozilla Firefox 3.1 (Tracemonkey) ReleaseThe Mozilla Firefox 3.1 (dubbed as TraceMonkey) release promises faster loading of web pages. Unlike its predecessors, Firefox 3.0.1 and earlier versions, Firefox developers promise its users that this time around, Firefox 3.1 is a more stable release.

In addition to this, Computerworld stated in their website that

Mozilla says it has added the fruits of a two-month JavaScript turbo power project to the latest preview of its next browser, Firefox 3.1, that boosts some benchmark speeds by nearly 40 times over Firefox 3.0. The new Mozilla JavaScript interpreter is also about 2.4 times faster than the newest interpreter slated for Apple’s Safari, according to benchmark tests.

Dubbed “TraceMonkey,” the revamped JavaScript engine will make possible web-based applications that are today too sluggish to be acceptable, said Mike Shaver, the company’s interim head of engineering. “We’re making JavaScript disappear as far as performance is concerned,” said Shaver, who pointed out a photo-editing demonstration that his predecessor, Mike Schroepfer, put together to strut TraceMonkey’s speed.

“One example is to use the browser as a very simple PhotoShop,” said Shaver. “[Editing an image requires] things that, for each step, takes the better part of a second. That’s not a great user experience. But [with TraceMonkey], now you have something that comes close to interactive performance.”

In relation to my previous post “Firefox 3.0.1 Errors and Crashes When Opening Web Pages With Flash Objects“, I sincerely hope Firefox 3.1 delivers its promise this time. If Mozilla wants to keep its lead in the web browser market, then the developers must make sure that the Firefox 3.1 TraceMonkey release means serious business and not monkey business. Many Firefox users at present are not happy with what happened to the fairly stable releases of Firefox in the past and are opting-in for other alternatives like Opera, Flock and Safari.

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