Google Chrome Update: Google Chrome is Buggy and Sucks Big Time

Google Chrome is buggyAfter testing the new Google Chrome web browser, I found out myself that it is too buggy for heavy use. The browser maybe new but the fact remains – it has too many bugs to be my default browser. First off, my websites don’t look good in Google Chrome and my blog posts are (WRITE NEW) acting weird. Text/word wrapping is lost.

Experts on internet technology claimed that Google Chrome is based on the older engine of Safari, a browser that fits best in mobile phones like Sony Ericsson and iPhone 3G (which was found vulnerable to security threats), not on PCs and laptops/notebooks like Lenovo Y410 (see full specifications and features).

Google Chrome Beta has too many bugsSome problems I have encountered also include halting of page loads especially when accessing sites with heavy graphics like photo blogs and video blogs. Like the experiences of others, even my own sites containing very minimal pictures and widgets did not load properly.

For now, I will stop using Google chrome. It’s a waste of time using it while there’s so much to do online. I will wait for the final release. The beta version is still buggy and has wasted so much of my time. I think I’ll stick with Opera (and Opera Mini for my cell phones), Internet Explorer 8 (Beta 2) and Firefox 3.0.1 (anticipating Firefox 3.1) as my web browsers for now.

As for Google Chrome, bug fixes are in order and anxious users like me will have to wait indefinitely before the buggy Google Chrome Beta version is finally fixed and improved :-)

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  7. webman1000 says:

    Considering google loves to capture and store everything they can about users of their services, then imagine what chrome will do. Google desktop already phones home and tells google every site you visit, google chrome as it is an application that runs on your computer will allow google and intelligence gathering agencies that work directly with google, to scan your entire computer as well as know everything you do online. The browser itself is ages behind the current browsers, even Internet Explorer is better. Google overhypes it using their 75% adword market domination service, but its not a good browser, and really it smells more like another google spy tool disguised as something else.

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  11. Capital says:

    i like google chrome but i found the same problems that you did, its way too buggy, but it has a really fast download speed, ill start using opera and firefox again as soon as i get done downloading this game client

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  13. jessie says:


    I’ve tried Google Chrome for 3 days and I really didn’t like it. I will still stick with Firefox and Flock. Google Chrome is a big joke in my view.

  14. elaine says:

    Haven’t tried Google Chrome yet but I think I will stick with Firefox. :)

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