Firefox 3.0.1 Errors and Crashes When Opening Web Pages With Flash Objects

In testing Firefox 3.0, I found errors and bugs in this release. This is the reason why the developers of Firefox updated the version to 3.0.1 about a week later. Firefox 3.0.1 is still buggy and bug fixes are still in order. In my observation, Firefox 3 commits errors and crashes whenever it opens web pages containing flash objects.

In my assessment, this is a memory leak in Firefox 3.0 and 3.0.1 which is opposite the marketing pitch of the Firefox team.

The error message shown by Firefox 3.0.1 whenever it crashes is as follows:

AppName: firefox.exe


ModName: msvcr80.dll

ModVer: 8.0.50727.762 Offset: 0004ef67

Also, some details of the Firefox errors can be seen in the following snapshot:

Firefox error whenever it crashes

If I were you, I will not use Firefox 3.0 or 3.0.1 because there are still bug fixes needed for this version to become stable. Use the older version instead (version because it’s been tested and has little problems unlike the current version 3.0.1. I have tried updating all plugins, especially the flash plugin but to no avail. It just didn’t work for me. If you are not too concerned with the Google toolbar, use another web browser like Opera or Flock.

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  3. Amor says:

    That’s giving me headache this past few days. Nag-update ako ng Firefox at yung Firefox 3.01 na pla nadownload ko. Mas malala pa pala ito kasi nga laging nag ka crash kahit sa walang Flash. Ay naku, makabalik nga sa lumang version.

    Amors last blog post..Sexier Me