Download Free Safari 5 for PC and Mac: Official Upgrade Release With Reader Now Available

You can now Download the Free Safari 5 web browser with Reader if you want a more convenient browser to use in surfing the internet. The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2010) was dominated by the release of the iPhone 4 (known earlier as iPhone 4G/HD) and iPhone iOS 4. Apple or Steve Jobs did not discuss much about their new Safari version 5 upgrade during the closing day of 2010 WWDC. However, Apple’s website is now ready to distribute the final release of Safari 5. Both Mac and Windows version are ready for free download. While the big hype is on the upcoming debut of the iPhone 4, people should also celebrate the birth of Safari 5. This new browser packs blistering speed!

Free Safari 5 Download Available Now

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Apple has managed to give Safari 5 a major speed boost which is clearly noticeable when browsing complex websites like Facebook, GMail and CNN. This is a major improvement courtesy of the new Nitro JavaScript engine. This new rendering engine was formerly known as SquirrelFish and it processes JavaScript codes on top of Safari’s WebKit engine. Complex web apps used to bog down Safari 4 but this version 5 performs a lot better since it can now render web apps with zero-latency. I commend Apple for finally coming up with a JavaScript Engine that’s faster than Google Chrome and Firefox.

Page-load times have also been accelerated by implementing DNS pre-fetching. The browser automatically checks on all the links on the page you are currently viewing and fetches the IP addresses of all the linked and page assets. This preemptive action is done in the background like what Firefox and Chrome does. Such anticipatory caching helps the browser do very quick jumps to any links you click. Apple has improved on this technique with this release and now it outperforms Firefox 3.6 and Google Chrome 5.0. Moreover, Safari 5 has added more HTML 5 tags-support. If you want to read more about these new tags, please head to Apple’s website.

Aside from the turbo-speed upgrade, Safari 5 now incorporated a very useful extension called Reader. A small gray “Reader” button will automatically appear in the URL bar when you visit a news site, blog or any text-heavy web page. If you click this gray button, the Reader extension of Safari 5 will remove all the clutter in the page (ads, widgets, sidebars, headers, footers) and will present just the text content of the page in large typeface in a white window that floats over the darkened original page. The Reader extension is a brilliant addition which makes reading websites a lot less-painful to the eyes. Did I mention that it also strings up multipage article on the same clear white page automatically so you can go reading for hours and end without clicking the Next button? The Safari 5 Reader is a breakthrough app that ought to be adapted by all other browsers. The advent of faster broadband speed has made website designers forget that clean, readable web pages are much more preferable than multimedia-laden ones.

Lastly, Apple has opened up Safari 5 to third-party developers. There’s a new extensions manager in Safari 5 which is comparable to Chrome Extensions and Mozilla Jetpack. Interested developers can now create add-ons for Safari using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It might soon be easy to port other extensions from Firefox and Chrome to Safari because of this. You can head on to to download the free Safari 5 for PC and Mac OS.

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  1. carlos granados says:

    safari 5 works great and its better than firefox yeah