Download Free Apple Safari 4.0.5 Update: Upgrade Improvements and Bug Fixes

You can now download free the new Safari 4.0.5 update, which is available for Mac and Windows at Apple issued this free download which will upgrade Safari web browser via Apple Software Updater last March 11 and improves Safari’s speed performance and enhances browser stability and security. The previous update to Safari, version 4.0.4, came last November, when Apple addressed a vulnerability that could allow an image file to exploit Macs with older software. Also, be informed that Safari was slow and buggy in its early stages of development which prompted more web users to stick with Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, Flock 2.5.6 and Google Chrome.

Download the Free Update for Safari (4.0.5) Now

As per the company’s press release, here are some of the tweaks they made on Safari version 4.0.5. Upgrade your browser to find out more:

  • Performance improvements for Top Sites
  • Stability improvements for 3rd-party plug-ins
  • Stability improvements for websites with online forms and Scalable Vector Graphics
  • Fixes an issue that prevented Safari from changing settings on some Linksys routers

The list above clearly shows Apple is still busy squashing software bugs on the Safari browser. I despise using Top Sites because it really was causing so much cpu-load and was slowing down my computer especially when I have a lot of tabs opened. I hope they really fixed this problem with this patch. Much as Apple tries, I don’t think Safari has equaled Firefox 3.6’s efficiency or outpaced the speed of Google Chrome 3 (free themes are also available for this browser). They should focus on improving the browsing experience instead of doing minor repairs. Here are some noteworthy suggestions that come to mind:

  1. Bookmarks should be allowed to be sorted by name. This helps a lot when managing dozens and dozens of bookmarked pages. Colored folders should also be enabled for Bookmarks so browsing them will be easier. I would also like a better and more intuitive way to add bookmarks. Right now, bookmarking is a chore on Safari.
  2. Launching new tab is annoying. Please move the plus sign (+) for launching new tabs next to the last tab currently opened. While it is true that one can open another new tab by double-clicking the tab bar, it is not an obvious shortcut especially for ordinary folks.
  3. Safari should have the option to mute websites that automatically play music or video. A volume control on it will be a helpful tool.
  4. I would like a shortcut key that will put my current Safari page in full screen mode. Usually when I find an interesting movie clip on YouTube or Hulu Desktop, I want to go in full screen mode without the annoying menu, bookmark bar and status bar.
  5. Aside from the default Google choice on the search tab, I would like to have other search engine on my Safari browser. Apple should face up to the fact that Mr. Google is no longer in love with it and should consider other search engine companies like Microsoft Bing and Yahoo.
  6. Zooming on Safari is also wrongly implemented. When I want to zoom-in at a web page, I do not only want to make the text larger but I might also need to make an embedded image or video bigger!

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