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Firefox 35 is officially out! Almost two days ago, our team downloaded Firefox 3.5, in which some of its features are derived from IE8 and other browsers. If you have been using other browsers for some time, you’ll see how Firefox 3.5 compares with the competition.

Firefox 3.5 Free DownloadCnet also stated that the latest Firefox (version 3.5) is “excellent for fans but competition is getting tougher” especially that Safari 4, Internet Explorer 8 and other browsers trying to catch up with the demands of users. This competition is good for us, end-users. For one this will pave for for security improvements and features enhancements of browsers that we use in surfing everyday.

If you love Firefox, head on to the official website ( and download Firefox 3.5 for free. If you want, you  can  upgrade to Firefox 3.5 via your browser’s menu (Help -> Check for Updates). The  filesize is only 7.7MB and it will take around 3 minutes to upgrade at 97Kb/sec.

Lets hope Mozilla can deliver on its promise to make Firefox 3.5 as the “smartest, fastest and safest Firefox ever” (fingers crossed).

[via CNET]

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