Download Free Opera 10 Turbo: The Fastest Web Browser Tried and Tested

We’re certainly loving Opera 10 Turbo for its compression of web pages. This makes Opera 10 a turbo-charged web browser. We can recommend for extremely “multitabbers” like us (opening 50 or more tabs can qualify you as one. On paper, Opera 10 compresses web pages by up to 80% but we have seen it perform much better in some cases when pages viewed are text-only. Some image files (.jpg, .gif, .png and .bmp) of course can only be compressed less than 80%. In our observation, it’s even better than Mozilla Firefox in terms of loading graphics. It also consumes lesser memory than Safari 4 (slow and buggy), Firefox 3.5.4 and beats even Google Chrome because it does not load too many plugins or add-ons.

Opera 10.01 Download Free

If you wish to try out Opera 10, you may download it for free from The file size of the files are 6.6 MB for the English (US) version and 8.8 MB for the International version. The stable version is Opera 10.01 for Windows while the preview release version is Opera 10.10b1. Soon, an update/upgrade will be available – version Opera 10.10 beta with a new feature called Opera Unite.

The latest stable release of Opera 10 Turbo also features some of the things we really have tested useful in browsing the internet with so many tabs open and they are: Speed Dial, Boost slow connection speeds, and Preview Web sites in thumbnails with visual tabs. If you play flash games like Escape the Coffee House Game (a walkthrough available in video format via the link given), this is one web browser we can recommend to get the job done without posing problems. Our review of Opera 10 Turbo will be posted in our succeeding posts when we’ve explored most (if not all) of its features. For now, we’re seeing some very nice job by Opera Turbo in opening web pages with heavy graphics without significant slowdowns. And that’s something we’re thankful for.

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  1. Gullit says:

    Id like to have opera mini because it’s cheap and fast.

  2. francis says:

    thanks for the info. i’ve been looking hard for guide on the fastest web browser online. i’m done with firefox. it’s terribly buggy and crashes often.



  4. Lekan Raji says:

    sorry, i’ve been tried to install opera 10 turbo on my desktop and i dont know how to download the opera10 turbo so help me please.

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  6. swapnadip says:

    its really amazing…

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  8. tahir says:

    it’s good and very fast i like opera