Complete Mobile Internet Browser for HP Pre webOS Smartphones Review

I know it’s very frustrating for Palm Pre Plus smartphone owners to see that most browser makers have completely ignored them. You don’t see any really competent third-party browser on webOS devices. While Android and iOS loyalists enjoy mobile Opera, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Dolphin HD browsers, Palm phone owners have to contend with second-rate browsers. Don’t fret anymore though because a much improved version of Complete browser is already released and it’s available for $0.99 from HP Palm App Catalog. Go ahead and check it out along with the Cronk Game App for HP Pre webOS.

Download Complete Browser Designed for Palm webOS Mobile Phones for a Low Price

Finally, a decent third-party browser for webOS phones is available. Buy Complete Browser for only $0.99!

Yeah, it isn’t for free like other smartphone OS third-party browsers. The developers behind Complete are definitely not giving away it for free since they worked really hard on it. This webOS browser now comes with features akin to Opera Mini 5.1.1 for Android phones. It’s not as complex as those two but Complete comes with enough features to make Palm phone owners happy now.

Complete comes with support for multiple tabs, private browsing mode, and easier preferences settings, stored information and browsing data. There’s the large URL bar plus search bar at the top of the window and you also get full navigation controls at the bottom of Complete’s window.

Like Google Chrome, the Google search box on Complete’s browser window is also anonymized. This is very important if you greatly value your privacy. Complete can completely make your phone web searches fully anonymous to any prying eyes. As a futher measure to safeguard a user’s privacy, Complete also immediately erases your browsing history once you log out. As we are all aware, Google keeps long-term databases of every person’s searches. Complete’s programming prevents Google bots from recording your web activities!

You have to pay for this browser but I really encourage Palm smartphone users, especially those who own Palm Pixi Plus, to buy it because it offers a lot more features than the default webOS Web browser. It plays Flash beautifully too if you are into it so can play Angry Birds Rio for Palm mobile phones without problems. Hopefully, when the developer gets enough buyers for his app, he will be inspired to add more features to Complete. Reward him with your one-dollar, there are so very few developers wasting their precious programming hours on Palm webOS. Everybody is crazy on Android and iOS development these days!


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